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Maggie has a Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Zoology) degree from Kenyatta University Kenya, a Master of Arts (M.A) Project Planning and Management degree from Nairobi University Kenya and a Masters of Biotechnology (Advanced) degree from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia. Her past research experience includes 6 years within the CGIAR organizations i.e. ICRISAT and CIP in Nairobi Kenya as a Research Associate and Plant Molecular biologist respectively.

Research Interests

Polyploidy, Interspecific hybridisation, Speciation, Biotechnology, Genomics

Current Projects

Making a Brassica species for food and Biofuel

Her PhD research focuses on Inter-specific hybridization, speciation and formation of polyploids as a mechanism for crop improvement. She aims to understand genetic control of meiotic stability in new Brassica (canola, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, turnips etc.) hybrids and determine how this process affects the formation of a stable allohexaploid Brassica species for bio-fuel and agricultural benefit.


Mwathi, M. W., Gupta, M., Atri, C., Banga, S. S., Batley, J., & Mason, A. S. (2017). Segregation for fertility and meiotic stability in novel Brassica allohexaploids. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 1-10.

Mwathi, M.W., Batley, J., Mason A.S., Banga S.S., Gupta M., Chhaya A. (2016). Novel allohexaploid Brassica populations reveal ongoing segregation for fertility, while genotype influences fertility and meiotic stability. Brassica 2016 Conference. September 3 - 7th 2016 Melbourne, Australia.

Magembe, E.; Gati, J.M.; Mwathi, M.; Rivera, C.; Roman, M.; Orbegozo, J.; Tovar, J.C.; Perez, W.; Gamboa, S.; Kreuze, J.; Forbes, G.; Ghislain, M. (2013). Development of potato varieties resistant to late blight. Transforming potato and sweetpotato value chains for food and nutrition security. 9. Triennial Congress of the African Potato Association. Naivasha (Kenya). 30 Jun - 9 Jul 2013.

Mwathi, M. W. (2012). Factors influencing agricultural productivity among rural women in Mwea: A case of Mwea in Kirinyaga County, Kenya (Master dissertation, University of Nairobi, Kenya)

Mwathi, M., Rivera C., Roman, M., Orbegozo J., Forbes G., Ghislain M. (2012). Genetic Transformation of Potato with triple R Gene to confer resistance to Late Blight. International Society of Tubers Root Crops (ISTRC) Symposium, 23 - 28th November 2012, Abeokuta Nigeria.

Margaret W. Mwathi, Jacqueline Batley, and Annaliese S Mason. Creating New Brassica oleracea × B. juncea Allohexaploids through Ovule Culture. PAG XXVI. 2018.

Margaret W. Mwathi, Jacqueline Batley, and Annaliese S Mason. Fertility and Meiotic Stability in Novel Brassica Crop Types. PAG XXVI. 2018.

Contact Details

Margaret Mwathi

University: University of Queensland

The University of Western Australia, Crawley, WA 6009, Perth, Australia


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