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Shu first joined the Batley Lab as a summer research student under the supervision of Dr Jessica Dalton-Morgan while completing her third-year study in Biotechnology (majoring in Molecular Biotechnology) at the University of Queensland, Brisbane. She continued on the following semester as an Honours student under Prof Jacqueline Batley’s supervision. Upon completing her studies she returned to Malaysia and joined the Genetic Screening Services at the Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre, Kuala Lumpur for a year before pursuing a Master’s degree in Science (Biotechnology) at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor. She received the International Research Training Program Fees Offset Scholarship and Research Training Program Stipend from the University of Western Australia and started her PhD in March 2018.

Research Interests

Plant genetics, Blackleg resistance, R gene, nanopore sequencing, plant breeding

Current Projects

Identifying and characterising Resistance to Leptospaheria maculans (Rlm) candidate genes in Brassica species

Blackleg or stem canker, caused by the fungus Leptosphaeria maculans, has remained one of the fundamentally damaging diseases affecting canola cultivation. A more feasible long-term management is critical to improve canola production, such as the development of disease-resistant canola cultivars. Only two (Rlm2 and LepR3) of the fifteen major resistance genes to blackleg have been cloned, thus far. My research aims to focus on two Rlm genes (Rlm1 and Rlm6) originating from two different Brassica species, using next-generation sequencing and phenotyping approach. The isolation and subsequent characterisation of more resistance genes in Brassica species will hopefully provide a better insight into the Brassica - L. maculans pathosystem. This will also contribute to future breeding efforts for sustainably resistant canola varieties.


Book chapter

Identifying Candidate Putative Genes for Blackleg Resistance Rlm2 in Brassica napus. Penerbit UTM Press. Editors: Fahrul Zaman Huyop, Mohamed Faraj Edbeib. The Discovery of Potential Products from Plants: Nur Shuhadah Mohd Saad. 33-42

Contact Details

Nur Shuhadah Mohd Saad (Shu)

Room 1.122, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science

The University of Western Australia

Crawley, WA 6009, Perth, Australia


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