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Department of Agriculture Gawadsaka Oustanding Agricultural Researcher in Region 12 in 2018
Department of Agriculture Gawadsaka Oustanding Agricultural Researcher in Region 12 in 2018
DOST-ASHTRDP scholarship
DOST-ASHTRDP Scholarship
==Contact Details==
==Contact Details==

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Aldrin graduated from USM Philippines with a Bachelor of Plant Breeding and Genetics. Following the undergraduate studies, he started his MSc at the UPLB Philippines in Plant Breeding. Now he is doing his PhD at The University of Western Australia.

Research Interests

Genomic analyses between Brassica species and its wild relatives

Current Projects

Exploring the genetic potential in Australian Brassica napus cultivars and its wild relatives for Blackleg resistance

Summary: Brassica napus, canola or rapeseed, is one of the banner crops in Australia. Ensuring high yield is the top priority but it can be limited due to blackleg disease. Crop resistance is lost over a short period, which is the main reason for severe production damage and huge monetary loss. It is important then to explore resistance genes (R) and to gain knowledge of its mechanism and interaction to the disease using phenotypic and genomic evaluation (Whole genome re-sequencing, WGR). Using the canola cultivars and its wild relatives, the project has three main aims. Firstly, to genetically explore novel genes in reference to the existing pangenomes using whole genome re-sequencing (WGR). Variable Rgenes, gene ontologies, predicted functions, other bioinformatics results willbe included to describe the novel genes. Secondly, to determine the candidate genes using genome-wide association analysis (GWAS) based on high throughput of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping and phenotypic results. Thirdly, to gain further understanding to the mechanism of Rgenes and its relevance to canola breeding. Phylogenetic relationships, analysis of molecular variance, population structure, and other multivariate analyses will be useful in the decision making of the breeding programs.


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University of Western Australia International Fee Scholarship (UIFS) and University Postgraduate Scholarship Award (UPA)

Outstanding Junior Researcher of PhilRice (Special Citation) in 2017

Department of Agriculture Gawadsaka Oustanding Agricultural Researcher in Region 12 in 2018

DOST-ASHTRDP Scholarship

Contact Details

Aldrin Cantila

Room 1.122, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science

The University of Western Australia

Crawley, WA 6009, Perth, Australia

Email: aldrin.cantila@research.uwa.edu.au