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Academic Achievement

2009: PhD, The University of Queensland, QLD, Australia.

2003: BSc (Hons I) Botany and Genetics, The University of Queensland, QLD, Australia.

Occupational Experience

09/2009 - current: Research Officer, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, University of Queensland.

Awards and Prizes

In 2010, I was awarded an International Science Linkages Travel Award from the Australian and Chinese Academies of Sciences. This funded a visit to Wuhan, China in February 2011 to establish links and develop collaborations with scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Huazhong Agricultural University.

Also in 2010 I receieved a Thomson Routers ‘Hot Paper’ Award, presented at The University of Queensland for work published during my PhD.

Past awards include a Company of Biologists Travelling Fellowship(2005), a University of Queensland Graduate School Research Travel Award (2005), and an Australian Postgraduate Award (2004).

Research Interests

My major area of interest is the genetic and epigenetic regulation of plant growth and development and the interactions between plants, other organisms and the environment. I am also interested in genetic and epigenetic diversity and in applying this knowledge to understanding trait variation and evolution in Brassica crops.

Current Competitive Grant Funding

• 2010: A Hayward. DNA Methylation Analysis in Canola (Brassica napus). University of Queensland New Staff Start-Up Grant. $12,000.

• 2011: A Hayward. Epigenetic Regulation of Important Agricultural Traits in Canola. University of Queensland Early Career Researcher Grant $28,000.


Journal Publications (*equal authorship)

Hayward A*, McLanders J*, Campbell E, Edwards D, Batley J (2010) Genomic advances will herald new insights into the Brassica:Leptosphaeria maculans pathosystem. Plant Biology (in press, accepted March 2011).

Marshall DJ, Hayward A, Eales D, Imelfort M, Stiller J, Berkman PJ, Clark T, McKenzie M, Lai K, Duran C, Batley J, Edwards D (2010) Targeted identification of genomic regions using TAGdb. Plant Methods 6: doi:10.1186/1746-4811-6-19.

Waldie T*, Hayward A*, Beveridge C (2010) Axillary bud outgrowth in herbaceous shoots: How do strigolactones fit into the picture? Plant Molecular Biology 73: 27-36.

Hayward A, Stirnberg P, Beveridge C*, Leyser O* (2009) Interactions between auxin and strigolactone in shoot branching control. Plant Physiology 151: 400-412. (Recommended by Faculty of 1000 Biology and Awarded a Thomson Reuters ISI ‘Hot Paper’ Award, University of Queensland, 2010).

Hayward A (2009) Interactions between strigolactone and auxin in Arabidopsis shoot branching. Phytogen 11:21-22.

Gresshoff PM, Buzas DM, Laniya T, Jiang Q, Schenk PM, Hayward A, Kam J, Li DX, Miyahara A, Nontachaiyapoom S, Indrasumunar A, Brcich T, Gualtieri G, Davis P, Men AE, Carroll BJ (2004) Systemic regulation of nodulation by a leaf-controlled LRR-receptor kinase. Biology of Plant-Microbe Interactions 4: 369-372.

Book Chapters

Hayward A (2010) Introduction - Oilseed Brassicas. In: Oilseed Brassicas (Eds Edwards D, Batley J and Parkin I) Science Publishers Inc (USA) (in press, accepted December 2010).


Dr Alice Hayward, Research Officer, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Legume Research Level 2 John Hines Bldg, University of Queensland, St Lucia, QLD, 4072, Australia, Phone: +617 3365 4325, Fax: +617 3365 3556, Email: