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Shadie has a Bachelor degree in “Biology” and a Master degree in “Biology (Genetics)”. She has great work experience as a Research Assistant at Urmia University, Iran; Boston University, USA and Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Australia. During that time, she worked on genetic manipulation and protein engineering. She is currently doing her Master degree in "Biotechnology at The University of Western Australia.

Research Interests

Genetic manipulation, Protein engineering, Posttranslational modifications.

Current Projects


Journal publication

1. Wang, Y. H. W., Meyer, R. D., Bondzie, P. A., Jiang, Y., Rahimi, I., Rezazadeh, K., ... & Rahimi, N. (2016). IGPR-1 Is Required for Endothelial Cell–Cell Adhesion and Barrier Function. Journal of Molecular Biology, 428(24), 5019-5033.

2. Sam, M. R., Azadbakhsh, A. S., Farokhi, F., Rezazadeh, K., Sam, S., Zomorodipour, A., ... & Mokarizadeh, A. (2016). Genetic modification of bone-marrow mesenchymal stem cells and hematopoietic cells with human coagulation factor IX-expressing plasmids. Biologicals, 44(3), 170-177.

3. Maghsoudlou, A., Meyer, R. D., Rezazadeh, K., Arafa, E., Pudney, J., Hartsough, E., & Rahimi, N. (2016). RNF121 Inhibits Angiogenic Growth Factor Signaling by Restricting Cell Surface Expression of VEGFR‐2. Traffic, 17(3), 289-300.

4. Arafa E, Bondzie P, Rezazadeh K, Meyer RD, Hartsough E, Henderson JM, Schwartz JH, Chitalia V, Rahimi N "TMIGD1 Is a Novel Adhesion Molecule That Protects Epithelial Cells from Oxidative Cell Injury." The American journal of pathology 185.10 (2015): 2757-2767.

5. Rahimi N, Rezazadeh K, Mahoney JE, Hartsough E, Meyer RD. "Identification of IGPR-1 as a novel adhesion molecule involved in angiogenesis." Molecular biology of the cell 23.9 (2012): 1646-1656.

6. Meyer RD, Srinivasan S, Singh AJ, Mahoney JE, Gharahassanlou Rezazadeh K, Rahimi N. "PEST motif serine and tyrosine phosphorylation controls vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 stability and downregulation." Molecular and cellular biology 31.10 (2011): 2010-2025.

Contact Details

Shadie Rezazadeh

School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science

The University of Western Australia

Crawley, WA 6009, Perth, Australia

Email: 222217962@student.uwa.edu.au

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